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New Year... New Beginnings!

Updated: Feb 4

I am thrilled to share an exciting update regarding Rich Hostelley Architecture, LLC, affectionately known as RH + ARCH. After years of dedication and growth, I have embarked on a significant journey that marks a transformative milestone in my (soon to be OURS) firm's history; Recognizing the need for growth and a desire to offer a broader range of services, I have embarked on a journey to expand the firm's horizons.

RH + ARCH has transitioned from a sole proprietorship, led by me (Rich Hostelley), to a fully staffed Architecture Firm. This evolution signifies a strategic shift in our capacity and capabilities, allowing us to offer a broader spectrum of modern design services to our valued clients and partners.

For years, my goal was anchored in establishing a brick-and-mortar firm, ideally located centrally in "Old Town Anywhere USA." However, the realities of high overhead costs and the perpetual motion of my professional life led me to reconsider this traditional approach.

In today's dynamic world, where ideas flow freely, and commerce transcends physical boundaries, the concept of a walk-up shop has evolved. The rise of remote work, accelerated even further in recent years, has reshaped our understanding of a traditional 9 to 5 job with a daily commute. It has become evident that settling down in a fixed location no longer aligns with the changing landscape of our profession.

I am thrilled to share that, as a Certified NCARB Architect, I have embraced a nomadic approach to providing architectural services. This allows me to serve clients not only throughout the United States and its territories but also on an international scale. Thanks to reciprocity agreements, countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and The United Kingdom are now within the realm of possibilities for our architectural endeavors.

This shift not only aligns with the evolving nature of our industry but also opens up new opportunities for collaboration and creativity. The ability to bring our architectural expertise to diverse locations, both nationally and internationally, empowers us to engage with a broader spectrum of projects and communities.

I am excited about the endless possibilities that this nomadic approach presents for our architectural practice. It enables us to remain agile, responsive, and globally connected, ensuring that we can deliver exceptional design solutions wherever the journey takes us.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership. I look forward to embarking on this nomadic architectural adventure together.

Rich Hostelley


Current Team members:

Rich Hostelley NCARB Architect | Principal

Christopher Villega Director of Operations | Project Acquisition

Tristan Hamrick Project Manager | Intern Architect

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