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Bingman - Notarangelo Residence


A new 3,500 square foot two-Story (with basement) four-bedroom, single family home, located near the Potomac River. The exterior design is a reflection of a Modern Farmhouse, with the first-floor plan being open, the second floor featuring three bedrooms.
The project was a collaboration with KM Builders and was created under a "Design-Build" concept, where the General Contractor worked hand-in-hand with RH+ARCH on the floor plan design to keep the building within an agreed budget with the client.

The project was recently approved for construction per building plan review submission.  

05_A101 Basement Plan.png
06_A102 First Floor Plan.png
07_A103 Second Floor Plan.png
09_A201 South West Elevations.png
10_A202 North East Elevations.png
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